The Aclam Smart Track S1 holds 4-5 effects pedals secured on the top routing pedalboard without using any kind of adhesive.  The S2 holds 8-10 pedals.  Take care of your gear with this compact and portable solution.



With this totally adhesive-free patented fastening method, the Aclam Smart Track® will keep a neat and tidy pedal board.  This method has been tested to ensure your effects pedals stay put regardless of external factors such as heat or vibrations and can be used as many times as needed without losing grip.


The Smart Track® S1 top routing pedal board includes 20 fasteners; the S2 includes 40 fasteners; the L2 includes 56.  We recommend the use of 4 fasteners per standard-sized pedal, but in some cases 2 or 3 of them will do the job.



The Smart Track is made of anodized aluminium, making this pedal board very lightweight, durable and with a neat finish.  It has a great stability thanks to its 2 front rubber feet and 2 back adjustable feet which allow the pedal board to adapt to any surface.



The anodized aluminum used to manufacture these boards will deliver lightness, toughness and portability - key aspects for a touring musician.


Manage the pedalboard’s steepness using the adjustable rear legs for access to the second row of pedals in this double-tracked board.



The Smart Track® is modular so it can grow together with your effects pedals collection.  By adding the ST Extension (sold separately) you can turn your S1 pedalboard into the Smart Track S2 or L2.


If you prefer to use Velcro, you can simply flip the board and add hook and loop strips, turning it into the Evo Track®.



Manage your cables across the grooves to have a clean and tidy pedal board.  Hold and hide the cables using the Tidy Cables accessory (sold separately) by taking advantage of the grooves and passing cables under your pedals.


The Aclam nylon soft carrying case (sold separately) has an external pocket to keep your belongings properly stored.


The Aclam Top Routing L2 pedalboard is also available complete with soft gig bag here.

Aclam Top Routing Smart Track L2

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    S1:  4-5 pedals

    S2:  8-10 pedals

    L2:  10-14 pedals


    S1:  59 cm x 15 cm (23.2 in x 5.9 in) 

    S2:  59 cm x 30 cm (23.2 in x 11.8 in)

    L2:  83 cm x 30 cm (32.7 in x 11.8 in)



    Smart Track®

    S1:  20 fasteners

    S2:  40 fasteners

    L2:  56 fasteners