Aclam pedalboards can be customized in many different ways.  One customization you can make is the addition of the Upper and Wahpper riser.  Build your custom pedalboard with this smart accessory, which will allow you to raise pedalboard tracks or accessories.  Get in touch with us if you are not quite sure about the combinations that can be made.




Aclam’s smart accessories such as the Wahpper or Upper have the ability to raise part of the pedalboard at your convenience, but what happens if you need extra height?  The solution comes in the form of these stainless-steel spacers that screw directly onto the pedalboard’s structure.


Each spacer will increase the height by 2.7 cm and can be stacked one over another with no real limit, other than the questionable practicality of having a half-meter tall custom pedalboard!




You might be thinking of placing an effects pedal under the Wahpper you have assembled on your Smart Track® pedalboard but have noticed that the space between tracks won’t allow you to physically fit anything.  The track raiser is the perfect solution - you can add the extra space you need to assemble the custom pedalboard you were thinking of.


You own one of Aclam’s smart accessories, the Upper, but you need to raise the second track a little in order to pass cables or feel more comfortable reaching the raised row of pedals?  The track raisers will do that for you too. 


Aclam Track Raisers

  • For use only with Aclam pedalboards

    Height:  50 mm

    Available in 2-pack or 4-pack