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Buy a Gruv Gear LYNK SOLO pedalboard with Rockboard Bender heavy duty patch cables and save more than £25.


Gruv Gear LYNK Pedalboard



The new Gruv Gear LYNK modular pedalboard lets you build your custom length board with its ingenious “lynkable" panels, so you bring only the effect pedals you need for the gig.  Beautifully designed equipment for guitarists.  

Each lightweight aluminum panel is a generous 12" wide x 17" deep, and the  connectors have threaded feet to let you adjust your LYNK to the perfect angle.


Rockboard Bender Patch Cables



The RockBoard Bender Flat Patch Connector is a strong, super-flexible, 75mm-long heavy duty pedal connector with extra-flat profile.  It features extremely compact angled plugs, just like the Rockboard Flat Patch Cables, for optimizing your pedalboard real estate.  It perfectly connects pedals with side or top mounted jacks and helps keep your setup tidy and neat looking.

Gruvy LYNK Solo Bender Bundle

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