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The DI MOD Pro from Temple Audio Design is a high-quality, low-noise module that mounts in the modular end panel of your Templeboard pedalboard. It transforms 2 unbalanced 1/4" instrument or line level signals into 2 balanced XLR outputs that can be sent to the front of house or a recording interface. The thru jacks (1/4" with red nuts) enable you to send a parallel output to your amplifiers.


Activating the -15dB pad will reduce the volume of the input signal and prevent distortion from loud sources.


Activate the lift switch if you are experiencing hum from a ground loop. If no ground loop noise is present then leave disengaged to keep your signal grounded.


Use the DI MOD Pro at the end of your pedalboard signal chain. The balanced XLR outs are sent to your mixer/interface and the 1/4” through jacks go to your amplifier(s).




Hi-Fi Active Circuitry

Ultra low-noise, low-distortion op-amp for pristine audio.


5-Year Warranty

Available worldwide. Conditions apply.  


Easy to Install

All Temple MODs install easily with 2 screws.



Ground lift and -15dB switches accessible on the back of the module. 


Thru Jacks

Send parallel 1/4" outputs to your amps alongside the XLR outs.



Temple Audio Design DI MOD Pro

VAT Included
Expected to ship by 28 June
    • DI MOD Pro active stereo direct-input module
    • For use with all Temple Audio Design pedalboards
    • Power Requirements: 42mA at 9VDC, 48mA at 18VDC
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 50kHz +/- 0.1 dB into 2.5k load
    • Input Impedance: 1.1MΩ
    • Output Impedance: 105Ω
    • Pad Attenuation: -15dB
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