Waggi have taken innovation a giant leap forward with the new Waggi Fly18 pedalboard. 


With an incredible THREE hinged decks, you have easy access to route cables and wires to create your custom pedal arrangement.  The Waggi Fly18 Tidy Cable System makes routing your cables and wire effortless.  Just run your audio and power cables under the decks and enclose them safely under the rail lids.  Cables are protected from damage, and your board will never look messy again. 


The Waggi Fly18 comes with an integrated hard case lid, crafted with the same quality aluminium as the pedalboard.  The Fly18 lid can be fully removed, leaving your customized pedalboard ready to plug in and play. 


The absolute ultimate in functionality, portability and style.



  • Integrated hard case lid that attaches directly to the base of the pedalboard
  • Lift-off hinge set
  • Side desk space for large expression pedals
  • 14-gauge lightweight aluminium construction
  • Stylish stainless steel back panel
  • Side, rear & bottom slots to allow cables to pass through
  • Easily accessible storage area for power supplies, patch boxes & pedals with fixed settings

Waggi Fly18

VAT Included
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  • Dimensions 19 x 15.5 x 8 in (482x 393 x 203 mm)
    Weight 15.2 lbs (6.9 kg)
    Tidy Cables System 5 rail lids
    1” Board Loop Tape 128 in
    1” Pedal Hook Tape 128 in