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Friedman Power Supplies


The Friedman Power Grid 10 was designed to address all of the deficiencies gear legend Dave Friedman encountered with power supplies from other brands over his 27 year history of designing and building guitar pedalboards for the biggest touring musicians and studio producers.  The Power Grid 10 was designed to meet the demands of any player who wants a dead quiet pedal board, that can be taken anywhere and is tour ready.  



  • Universal power from 100-240Vac meaning you can plug it in anywhere in the world.  You will never have to flip switches or worry about a step up or step down transformer.

  • ZERO field hum, which plagues many other power supplies with traditional toroidal transformers.

  • The Power Grid 10 will power virtually any pedal (350mA each per 9V output).

  • 10 isolated outputs and all the cables needed to power your pedals. 

  • And for those boards that have no room to mount the power supply underneath, the Power Grid 10 was designed as a riser - yes, with the Power Grid 10 you can mount your pedals right on top of the housing, including your favorite Fuzz pedals, which are known to cause unnecessary proximity hum and infiltrate your other pedals.

So you can buy a cheap pedal power supply now only to replace it later, or buy a Friedman now and enjoy it forever!

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