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Soft Carry Cases for Aclam Pedalboards


Aclam's pedalboard soft case is padded and reinforced, giving you basic protection for your pedalboards as you transport them. 

Manufactured from black nylon, the Aclam gig bag is available for each of their pedal board standard sizes, and each one features a front zip pocket for storing all the accessories you need to keep handy. 


If you need something more than simple protection, Aclam also produce quality hard cases for the largest sizes of their boards, available to order. Get in touch with us here to order your Aclam pedalboard flight case. 


Made of wood and an anodized aluminum structure, the Aclam pedalboard hard case has a protective foam interior to hold your effects pedals securely. This case features a removable top cover, so there's no need to lift your board in and out of the case. 

Most Aclam accessories are totally compatible with their pedalboard soft cases and hard cases, except for the new Wahpper Plus, which is too high for the currently available case options. But all Aclam cases are compatible with the Upper and the Wahpper.

Hard cases are available for the two largest standard sizes, which are the S2 pedalboards and L2 pedalboards

Contact us if you're looking for a hard case option for one of the smaller Aclam boards.

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