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The Aclam Wahpper Plus pedalboard upper tier is an evolution of the existing Aclam Wahpper that will give you additional space for your pedals. The Wahpper+ will not only enable you to have a risen track on your Aclam top routing pedalboard, but it will also provide enough space between the pedalboard’s track and the upper rise to place those effects pedals that you don’t need to engage or are being run through a switcher. 




Elevate a section of your Aclam top routing pedalboard bu 10cm with the Wahpper Plus and hide beneath the tier all those pedals that you don’t need to engage frequently or that are running through a switcher.


The Aclam Wahpper Plus is available in the following sizes that correspond to the standard Aclam top routing pedalboard track sizes:

XS for a 42cm track

S for 59cm track

L for 83cm track


If you already own a spare track, you would only need the Wahpper+ Sides (no track included; sold separately) in order to assemble your Aclam pedalboard upper tier. 





Assembling the Wahpper Plus pedalboard upper tier is as easy as fitting any of Aclam’s accessories. Just place the Wahpper+ side guide at the desired position by sliding it along the grooves and lock it in place using the thumbscrews.



  • Aclam pedalboards that are fitted with the Aclam Wahpper Plus upper tier are not compatible with the standard Aclam soft cases or hard cases so for now you'll need to disassemble your Wahpper+ upper riser when you want to place the pedalboard in the case.
  • The Wahpper+ upper riser accessory doesn’t include fasteners or Velcro®, but these are available separately. 
  • Aclam's Wahpper Plus pedalboard upper tier is compatible with Aclam Smart Track top routing pedalboards with 30 cm depth, such as XS2, S2 or L2. 
  • The Wahpper+ uses a standard Aclam Smart Track® pedalboard. 


For a 59cm track, see the Wahpper+ upper riser size S here.

For an 83cm track, see the Wahpper+ upper riser size L here.

If you already have an extra track, you can use it to add an upper rise to your existing board using just the Wahpper+ sides.



Aclam Wahpper Plus Pedalboard Upper Tier XS 42cm

SKU: AC-PB1021-000100
VAT Included
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    Aclam Smart Track® fasteners & Velcro® (sold separately)
    MATERIAL Anodized aluminum
    WORKS WITH Aclam 30 cm depth top routing pedalboards in sizes XS2, S2 & L2

    XS: 42 cm

    S:    59 cm

    L:    83 cm


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