With Aclam’s Wahpper pedalboard partial riser you will elevate a section of your board, leaving enough flat space to place those pedals that need the whole depth of the pedalboard.


The Wahpper can be found in two sizes and has a different conceptual approach than the Upper. While the Upper elevates the whole existent track of your double-tracked pedalboard, the Wahpper includes a track in the chosen size that will attach over the existing with the special side guides at an elevation of 4.5 cm, leaving a 2.6 cm gap between top and bottom track.




Assemble the track to the special side guides included in the Wahpper and place it along the pedalboard using the grooves; once at the desired position, use the thumb-screws to fasten the pedalboard partial riser to the board.




As with other Aclam accessories, the Wahpper has additional features apart from the one it was designed for.


Even having an insufficient gap to place effect pedals between tracks, you can use that space for cable routing together with a choice of Tidy Cables.

Sometimes, you may have a sequence of pedals set up to be activated by a switcher, so there is no need for them to be accessible.  Take advantage of the upper risers which can elevate the Wahpper 2.7 cm by stacking as many as needed to have enough gap between upper and lower tracks to place those effects pedals you don’t need to manually activate.


The Aclam Wahpper is compatible with L2 and S2; for L2 pedalboards you have two length options:  42 cm or 59 cm.  Depending on which you choose you will be left with a non-risen space of 41 cm or 24 cm wide.  The S2 pedalboard has the 42 cm option, leaving a 17 cm wide flat section on your pedalboard.


The Wahpper is not compatible with XS2 pedalboards nor Free Routing options.

Aclam Wahpper 59 cm

  • Works with:  Smart & Evo top routing pedalboards

    Height:  45 mm

    Length:  59 cm