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Aclam Fasteners offer musicians the first reliable alternative to velcro. Using the Aclam Smart Track pedalboards with their proprietary fasteners means you never again need to stick stuff to your expensive boutique pedals.  




Nothing. In fact, we love velcro! You can buy a range of different velcro sizes from PedalBoards UK, including Aclam's own extra-strong version of this popular hook and loop fastening tape. 


But by using an Aclam Smart Track board with Aclam pedal fasteners will ensure your pedals can stay in as-new condition with no sticky residue when you move them around. 




Made of polyamide, the Fasteners apply pressure on the effects pedals to keep them in place. The anti-slip rubber surface that is in contact with the stompbox protects it from scratches or other damage.  


To ensure the most secure hold, the fastener tilts against the pedal when it's screwed in place.




Just place the effects pedal at the desired position on the Smart Track pedalboad. While holding the pedal in place, press the fastener against the pedal and fasten it to the pedalboard with a screwdriver.


Aclam recommends using four fasteners for each standard-sized effects pedal, but some smaller effects pedals can be fastened with two. Other larger pedals can be fastened with more than four, if necessary.


Pedals in alternative shapes or those that need to be fastened at the top and bottom rather than the sides will need the Aclam 360º Fasteners to attach them properly to the board.


Aclam’s Fasteners are compatible with all Smart Track® and Hybrid Track® pedalboards and have been designed to be reused as many times as needed without losing grip. With this Velcro® alternative you’ll always keep your pedals neat, clean and secure. No one will be able to steal a pedal from your board - unless they're carrying a screwdriver!


Aclam Pedal Fastener Standard 4 pk ASTFAS1

SKU: AC-PB1016-000100
VAT Included
  • Material Polyamide
    Works With All Aclam Smart Track pedalboards
    Dimensions 2.7 x 2.2 x 2.2 cm (1" x 0.86" x 0.86")

    Black only

    Packs of 4 (for 1 standard-sized pedal)

    Packs of 20 (for 5 standard-sized pedals)


  • Items can be returned in a new condition with all original packaging within 14 days for a full refund. 

    Items can be returned in a new condition with all original packaging within 30 days for an exchange.  The exchange item must be of equal or greater value, and the customer must pay the difference in price.

    Items ordered especially at a customer's request may be returned or exchanged only at the discretion of PedalBoards UK.

    Please note, unless your item is faulty, you will be liable for any delivery costs associated with your return/exchange.  

    ​Please refer to our Returns and Refunds policy for full details. 

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