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The Evidence Audio Lyric HG cable is a high-end instrument cable of exceptional tone and feel.  


The IGL™ copper conductors give smooth midrange and highs.  Symmetrically designed so that dynamics scream from the quietest of backgrounds without using the shield to carry your signal.  Solid core conductors preserve clarity and focus, revealing harmonic detail and articulation 20 awg plus reduced microphonics with high gain amps.  The high density copper braid shield means that  nothing but signal gets to your amp while the woven nylon jacket increases flexibility and protection for stage use.


Best for recording or home use where sound is of paramount importance, or use for live gig situations where a wide range of movement is not needed.  


Custom orders are available by request.  Email us if you are looking for a premium Lyric cable with 2 angled connectors, Neutrik silent connectors or a different length than standard.  



  • 6.3 mm jack (straight-straight or straight-angled)
  • Standard lengths:  10 ft (3 m); 15 ft (4.57 m); 20 ft (6 m)
  • Quality materials designed with a “less is more” approach, highly suited for a cable in the signal path
  • Best suited for studio applications or home use
  • Nylon braided fabric cover
  • Colour:   green / black

Evidence Audio Lyric HG Instrument Cable 20 ft

VAT Included
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