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You asked for it – and we made it!


Here at last, flight cases custom designed to fit Waggi pedalboards.  Don’t leave the protection of your valuable gear to chance – our premium quality, specially made hard cases will get your Waggi board and all its pedals through the most demanding transport needs. 


Designed specially to fit the Waggi range of pedalboards, these cases have been manufactured using the latest in CNC cutting technology, digital motorised metal saw measurement systems and old fashioned hand-built care and attention by a team of artisans with 20 years’ experience making cases for the music industry. 


Built with 6.5 mm birch plywood with black hexagrip sides, heavy duty hardware and a comfortable techno handle, the flight case for your Waggi pedalboard is rugged enough to take all the travelling you can throw at it.  Lug it to the pub, send it into an airplane hold or in and out of a tour van around the a world – your Waggi pedalboard flight case can take it. The inside is lined with 17mm foam with egg box foam in the lid to keep your pedals totally secure and the lid is totally removable to enable the pedal board to remain in the case during use. 


The new PedalBoards UK Waggi flight cases offer protection and durability from travelling and storage as well as general wear and tear from use.  They are proudly made in the UK using the finest quality materials and handcrafted workmanship and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defects.  Read full details of the warranty here


These PBUK pedalboard hard cases for Waggi boards are available for the W20 and W34 boards, with or without wheels and a trolley handle:


Also Available:


Have your Waggi pedalboard case custom-fitted with recessed wheels and a retractable trolley handle to make it easy to get your rig to all your gigs.  Because of the internal space taken by the handle when retracted, you will probably need to remove your board from the case when it's in use.  


Please note, flight cases with wheels and trolley handle are made to order; they are not stock items and will therefore take approximately 3 weeks from order.  Due to the unstable cost of the raw materials, please contact us for a quote for the cost of made-to-order cases.

Hard Case for Waggi W28 Pedalboard

PriceFrom £256.50
VAT Included
Out of Stock
  • Hard flight case to fit Waggi pedalboards:

    • Size SM to fit the Waggi W20
    • Size MD to fit the Waggi W28
    • Size LG to fit the Waggi W34


    • 6.5 mm birch plywood
    • black phenolic hexagrip side panels
    • heavy duty hardware
    • 17 mm foam lining with egg box foam lid lining
    • comfortable techno carrying handle
    • recessed latches
    • rubber feet
    • removable lid and shallow base to allow board to stay in case during use
    • engraved PedalBoards UK logo on lid

    Optional Extras

    • 2 x recessed wheels on the end
    • retractable trolley handle
  • SM - W20  

    Internal dimensions


    510mm x 341mm x 221mm (W x D x H)

    7.5 kg


    MD - W28  

    Internal dimensions


    716mm x 341mm x 221mm (W x D x H)

    11.5 kg


    LG - W34  

    Internal dimensions


    869mm x 341mm x 221mm (W x D x H)

    12.5 kg




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