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The RockBoard Bender Flat Patch Connector is a super-flexible, 75mm-long pedal connector with extra-flat profile.  It features extremely compact angled plugs, just like the Rockboard Flat Patch Cables, for optimizing your pedalboard real estate.  It perfectly connects pedals with side or top mounted jacks and helps keep your setup tidy and neat looking.



  • sales display with 50 pieces of RockBoard Bender 75 Flat Patch Connector
  • flexible pedal connectors
  • easily connect top- as well as side-mounted jacks
  • bend in every direction
  • flexible copper conductor (20 x 0.12 mm / 36 AWG)
  • twisted copper shielding (34 x 0.12 mm / 36 AWG)
  • PE (polyethylene) signal insulation
  • PVC cable mantle
  • capacitance less than 10 pF/decimeter
  • conductor resistance less than 10 mOhm/decimeter
  • angled 6.3 mm mono audio plugs
  • operating temperature -15° C to +70° C / 5° F to 158° F
  • dimensions (L x W x H) 98 x 12.5 x 7.5 mm
  • black
  • length (plug to plug) 7.5 cm

RockBoard Bender Heavy Duty Flat Patch Cable

VAT Included
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