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The Warwick RockBoard Gold Series Flat Patch Cables lift the popular Flat Patch Cables to a new level of quality.  Designed to be extra flat and space-saving, they optimize pedalboard real-estate, featuring a slim rectangular body and extra thin angled plugs.  The contacts and plug housings are gold-plated.  Features a double shielding of braided copper wire and aluminum foil that shields the flexible copper conductor core from high as well as low frequency interference.  The Gold Series Flat Patch Cables guarantee best signal quality and keep your setup tidy and neat looking.

RockBoard Flat Patch Cable - 20cm - Gold Series

VAT Included
Out of Stock
    • high quality double shielded flat patch cables with rectangular profile
    • compact and super flat angled plugs
    • gold-plated connectors
    • metal plug housings
    • flexible copper conductor (20 x 0.12 mm / 36 AWG)
    • braided copper shielding (4 x 16 x 0.12 mm / 36 AWG)
    • additional aluminum foil shielding
    • PE (polyethylene) signal insulation
    • PVC cable mantle
    • capacitance less than 10 pF/decimeters
    • conductor resistance less than 10 mOhm/decimeters
    • angled 6.3 mm mono audio plugs
    • operating temperature -15º C to +70° C / 5° F to 158° F
    • outer dimensions cable (W x H) 7 x 3 mm / 1/4" x 1/8" (rectangular)
    • outer dimensions plugs (W x H) 12.5 x 7.5 mm / 1/2" x 5/16"
    • black with gold-plated plug housings
    • length 10 cm / 3 15/16"
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