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The Temple Audio 4X MOD Pro offers 4 buffers in one compact module and is the perfect solution for those using the “four cable method”.


No effects loop? No problem.

AUTO LOOP mode automatically routes the pedals in your FX loop before the amp when nothing is plugged into the SEND/RETURN jacks.


Bypass Those Buffers

The buffer circuit on each channel can be bypassed if you only require buffering at certain points.


4 Buffered Channels

Preserve your signal strength at multiple points in your audio path. 

5-Year Warranty

Available worldwide. Conditions apply.  



All Temple MODs install easily with two screws.



Easily switch between your practice amp and performance FX loop setup without re-wiring your whole rig. This setup lets you place some of your pedals (like compressor or overdrive) before your amplifier’s preamp/EQ section and the rest of your pedals (like reverb or delay) in the FX loop after the preamp/EQ section.


Templeboards 4X MOD Pro features 2 buffered inputs and 2 buffered outputs. Whatever 1⁄4” signal you send into one jack will carry on to the corresponding jack on the other side.


The inputs and outputs are labelled:

GUITAR INPUT A – buffered input

AMP OUTPUT A – buffered output

SEND INPUT B – buffered input

RETURN OUTPUT B – buffered output


Each channel has its own buffer and each buffer can individually be switched on and off.


Temple Audio Design 4X Pro Module, 4-Channel Buffer Module

VAT Included
Out of Stock
    • 4X Mod Pro
    • For use with all Temple Audio Design pedalboards
    • 2 x input, 2 x output
    • Power supply: 9-18V DC, 68 mA
    • All inputs & outputs are mirrored on both sides
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