Need to charge a device? The USB Power Output Module is a solution for your modern day devices such as iPads®, iPhones® and other smart devices that are progressively replacing paper chord charts and music sheets. Utilizing a 9VDC – 24VDC power input range, you can power your USB device (up to 2.1A) with your existing pedal power supply. The charging output is relative to amount of 9V power you have available from your power supply so it only uses what it has to.

This USB Power Module connector can be mounted to the side of your Templeboard using either a Temple Mini Module Punched Plate or Micro Module Punched Plate.


Templeboards USB Power Output Micro Module

  • Input Power:  9v - 24v DC Center Pin Negative
    Power Output:  USB Regulated 5 V DC 2.1 Amp
    Dimensions:  1.02 in x 1.22 in x 1.92 in (2.6 cm x 3.1 cm x 4.9 cm)