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The Yankee PS-M1 power supply provides 9V DC current through 10 outputs, split into 2 separate isolated sections with 5 outputs each.  Each section provides 900 mA of power, allowing you to plug an effects pedal with a high voltage requirement into one of the sections (up to 900 mA).

There is also an addtional 5V USB output that can power a USB lamp (very useful on dark stages!) or any USB-powered device, such as portable media players or your phone charger cable.



  • Movable power cord socket
  • Durable aluminium housing
  • Assembled using highest quality material providing safety and strength
  • Can be easily attached to pedalboard with screws
  • Powerfull toroidal transformer
  • Ability to power guitar effects working on 9V DC
  • Two fully separated sections
  • Can power effects in amplifier loop as well as before the amplifier at the same time
  • Contains USB port and diode lamp



▪ Yankee PS-M1 Power supply

▪ Power cord

▪ Connection cables:

  • 55 cm / 21.6 in standard cable (5.5 x 2.1 mm) – 5 pieces
  • 30 cm / 11.8 in standard cable (5.5 x 2.1 mm) – 2 pieces

▪ 0.5 m battery cable 9V

▪ 55 cm / 21.6 in mini-jack cable – 2 pieces

▪ USB diode lamp



Sample effects that can be powered using the Yankee PS-M1 Power Supply:










Yankee PS-M1 Power Supply

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  • Dimentions:  35mm x 130mm x 84mm (height x width x length)

    Weight:  800g

    Power input:  230V/50Hz

    Output scheme:

    Section Number of outputs Voltage Current
    I 5 outputs 9V DC 1200 mA
    II 5 outputs 9V DC 1200 mA
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