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The T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior is a compact power supply that will handle virtually any 9-volt effects pedal.  It features 5 isolated outputs that deliver clean, quiet power to your pedals, and it’s switchable between 115 and 230V, so you can use it worldwide.  Don’t let the relatively small size of this unit fool you – the Fuel Tank Junior is a real powerhouse!


When considering powering pedals using a power supply, there are two things you need to know:


1.  What voltage does your pedal take?


Some pedals run on 9 volts, some run on 12 volts & some run on 18 volts.  If your pedal gets less than the voltage it needs, there is no danger - it won't break or burn.  It will just sound different or maybe make no sound at all.  Some musicians will even use old batteries so that their pedals get less power and give an unusual tone.  


If your pedal get's more voltage than it needs, there is a danger that the pedal will break or even burn out.  Some pedals have a fuse to guard against damage from too much voltage, but most don't.


2.  How much power does your pedal need?


Check your pedal's manual.  If it has a battery container, it usually consumes very little power, something like 20 - 40 mA.  If it has an adapter, it consumes a lot more power. That can vary from 100 mA to 1,200 mA, or even more.


The T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr is compatible with any 9-volt DC pedal that needs less than 120mA.  

If you have several 9-volt pedals that use less than 120 mA altogether, then you can run them all from one output on the Fuel Tank Jr using a daisychain cable (sold separately). 


The Aclam range of pedal boards have a power supply support accessory dedicated to the Fuel Tank Jr for their pedalboards, available here. 


T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr Pedalboard Power Supply

SKU: TR-10330-FTJ
VAT Included
Out of Stock
  • CONNECTIONS 5 isolated 9V DC outputs, 120 mA each
    INPUT MAINS VOLTAGE Switchable 115V or 230V mains
    CABLES 1x mains power cable
    5x 50cm DC cables with 2,1mm - 2,1mm connectors
    SIZE 105 mm x 35 mm x 78 mm (4.1 x 1.4 x 3 in) - inc knobs
    WEIGHT 0.470 kg (18.5 oz) - exc battery & packaging


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